Saturday September 22 , 2018
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John Paulding Engine Company #1

Proudly Served by Volunteers

Sparkill Members cool off at Mountain Creek (1/10/18)

PSA Sparkill and Palisades Residents

Sparkill FD operating in Palisades (Smoke in the Building) November 5th, 2017

Department 16 and EMS making an Emergency Mountian Rescue October 10th, 2017

Members of the John Paulding Engine Company train with Old Tappan October 2nd, 2017

John Paulding Engine Company Completes Entergy Training May 17, 2017

Entergy Training 2017


John Paulding Engine Company Chiefs and Ex. Chiefs Reunite at Piermont FD

JPEC and Ladies Auxiliary raise $12,000 for Breast Cancer Research

2016 JPEC Turkey Bowl

John Paulding Engine Co. Proudly Announces New Honorary Member Brian Domitrovits II

JPEC Proudly Hosts The Challenged Athletes Foundation

On October 3, 2015 the John Paulding Engine Company hosted The Challenged Athletes Foundation.  A total of 75 riders stopped at the firehouse for a break after peddling almost 30 miles, on their way to West Point.  Many of the riders were war wounded vets. 


Samuel Yannazzone

Our Department regretfully announces the passing of 77 year Life Member, Samuel Yannazzone at the age of 96.  In addition to being the longest lived life member and firefighter with our Department, Sam was also a WWll veteran and Purple Heart recipient and a member of the American Legion, John M. Perry Post 1044.



On Sunday May, 24th, 2015 the Sparkill Fire Department was dispatched to a car accident with entrapment on the Palisades Interstate Parkway. Approximately 25 volunteers including 2 chiefs arrived on scene to find one victim trapped as a result of a collision with a gasoline tanker. Crews quickly went to work to free the trapped victim in just minutes by using the jaws of life.


Extrication Competition - 3rd Place Finish

The Sparkill Fire Department entered into an Extrication Competition hosted by Rutherford Rescue Company No. 5 on May 2nd, 2015 with a team of 6 firefighters. In under 14 minutes, Sparkill's firefighters extricated two victims; one trapped under the rear tires by lifting the rear of the car off the ground and the second victim from the driver's seat by removing the doors, roof and performing a dash roll. The hard work by the team earned the Sparkill Fire Department a 3rd Place finish!


Fire - Mutual Aid to Nyack, NY (Department 10)

Sparkill Fire Department was requested to respond with an Engine, Mutual Aid into Nyack on Friday 02/20/2015 for a fire in a private dwelling. Sparkill firefighters responded with 1 chief, a full engine crew and a total of about 10 firefighters. Once on scene, the crew of 16-1250 stretchhed a 2-1/2" hoseline to the exposure and supplied Nyack's trucks with water.


Fire - Mutual Aid to Blauvelt, NY (Department 1)

Sparkill Fire Department was called to respond Mutual Aid to a working fire in an Auto Body Shop on Saturday 01/17/2015 in Blauvelt's first due area. Sparkill firefighters responded with 2 chiefs, a full ladder truck crew and a total of 18 firefighters. The crew of 16-99 laddered the building and roof and assisted with overhaul. ( Photo courtesy of Chris Tompkins, )


Fire - Mutual Aid to Tappan, NY (Department 21)

Sparkill responded with a full ladder crew to a working fire in Tappan, NY on 12/20/2014. Sparkill crews responded with 2 chiefs and 7 firefighters. The crew of 16-99 assisted by placing ground ladders,overhauled the fire area and checked for extension. All units cleared the scene and were back in service within an hour.

Extrication Competition

Sparkill members participated in a Vehicle Extrication Competition hosted by Rutherford Rescue Co. 5 in Rutherford, NJ. Team members put in long hours training for the event in the weeks prior to the competition. Sparkill was successful in stabilizing the vehicle, cutting battery power, removing all glass and doors, full roof removal and a dashboard roll to remove a simulated victim in 16:00 minutes.

Rescue Incident - Mutual Aid to Piermont, NY (Department 13)

Sparkill firefighters responded Mutual Aid into Piermont to set up a landing zone for 2 NYPD Aviation Helicopters assisting in removing an injured hiker from a Hudson River trail on Sunday, May 11th, 2014.
Interview is shown here:

Remembering September 11th

On September11th, 2013 the Sparkill Fire Department traveled to Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ to pay tribute to those lost on 9/11.

The John Paulding Engine Company #1 was founded in 1901 and has been serving the people of Sparkill and Palisades for more than 110 years. Our volunteer fire company was named after John Paulding, an American Patriot, who in his capture of the British Major John Andre and the discovery of British battle plans, saved the American fortress located at West Point.

On May 21, 1904, the first recorded fire response is noted. On April 26, 1905, the first public meeting of the Company was held. On August 1, 1906, the Secretary sent notices to residents with horses to make them available to pull the pumper and they would be compensated $3.00 for each response.

In 1906, the Company sponsored a circus and sent all of the receipts to the Chief of The San Francisco Fire Department to help recover from the devastating earthquake which had destroyed the City.

On July 27, 1907 at 2:10pm the first alarm by telephone was a fire on Andre Hill in Tappan. This fire caused damage to the pumper in the amount of $25. On October 2, 1907 a Mr.VanSciver donated his team of horses to be used free of charge.

In 1912 the “Old Firehouse” was purchased by the Company for $600. It was later sold to the Sparkill/Palisades Fire District.

In 1956, the Ladies Auxiliary was formed.

The Company moved into its current quarters in 1970 and continues to provide premier fire protection to the residents and businesses located within the Sparkill/Palisades Fire District.




Contact us:

John Paulding Engine Co. #1

520 Route 340

PO Box 164

Sparkill, NY 10976


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(845) 359-1324







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